New dates: 2021, 19 March, Iasi, Romania

from ROOT to Functional
& Esthetics

ENDO Conference 2020

ENDO Learning invites you to participate in the inaugural edition of ENDO Conference 2020, an event hosted in IAȘI, the cultural capital of Romania, where you will be able to find the ideal balance between science, culture and relaxation.
Organizing this conference, we aim to inspire and give new opportunities to the participants, with a predilection for those who involve the enrichment of theoretical knowledge, hands-on content and networking.
You will be able to listen to some of the most appreciated speakers who are passionate about endodontics and esthetics – doctors quoted in the most prestigious publications and posters of the major national and international conferences. The event will be joined by big brands that will present the new trends in dental equipment.
We have selected for you the most important topics specific to the event’s theme – From ROOT to FUNCTIONAL & ESTHETICS¸ to have exclusively a relevant content in order to create or improve an optimal workflow for endodontics and dental esthetics.
ENDO Conference 2020 – March 19th will take place in an exclusive environment, on the stage of the Magnum Hall within Hotel International – Iași, where over 200 dentists will participate. Both days will include conferences and workshops.
We are sure that the event will be an inspirational one, dedicated not only to the experts, but also to the young dentists, who want to approach excellence in dentistry: the destination we must all aim for!

Event coordinates:

Conference theme: From ROOT to FUNCTIONAL & ESTHETICS
Date: March 19th, 2020
Location: Hotel Internațional – IAȘI
Content: conferences and workshops

Main purpose of the event

To provide additional know-how among dentists who are passionate about endodontics and dental esthetics. At the same time, it is desired to create an early environment for networking and to strengthen its own working protocols.

Who should attend?

Doctors passionate about endodontics and dental esthetics, specialist doctors, general practitioners, students.

What our speakers will offer?

– presentations at conferences, with new and very well documented cases;
– presentations in the workshops, with many new tips & tricks applicable in current practice.

Who will join us?

9 Breathtaking Speakers:

– Dr. Anthonis Chaniotis – Greece
– Dr. Claudio Farnararo – Italy
– Dr. Francesco Piras – Italy
– Dr. Grzegorz Witkowski – Poland
– Dr. Alexandru Popescu – Romania
– Dr. Hugo Sousa Dias – Portugal
– Dr. Mihnea Cafadaru – Romania
– Dr. Bogdan Oprea – Romania
– Dr. Sebastian Lupu – Romania

Why you should attend ENDO Conference 2020?

– one day especially organized for you, with the most modern dental concepts and practical sessions;
– you will update your information with many tips & tricks from the best specialists;
– new working techniques will be revealed that can be applied by you the very next day;
– you will be able to network with colleagues, suppliers of high-level dental instruments, including many goodies (Coffee break & lunch).

Current trends in endodontics have far surpassed the curricula of the dental medicine college. Bio-minimalism in the design of the access cavity, in the preparation of the canal and the debridement procedures, the innovations of the filling materials have all led to the redefinition of the knowledge that constitutes the fundamental pillar in endodontics.

The course platform EndoLearning gives you the opportunity to access information gained in practice that has been oriented towards endodontics for the last 10 years, but also within the specialized courses, by the endodontic doctor Dr. Sebastian Lupu. Structured for a single doctor or a small group, the courses have been designed for those who want to upgrade their style and working techniques.

The technical aspects of our courses are complemented by live and hands-on demonstrations. A variety of tools and techniques are discussed and demonstrated through videos of clinical cases performed under the dental microscope.