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Anti-Implant Dental Treatment

Anti-Implant Dental Treatment

In this presentation, we will approach from a surgical point of view, from simple to complex, the failures of the endodontic treatments where the endodontic retreatment of the tooth in question is not possible. The endodontic treatment is a medical procedure frequently used in dental practice to save a tooth.
In order to have a successful and correctly applied treatment, there are a lot of factors involved that need to be taken into account starting from an accurate diagnosis to the actual root treatment, as well as the patient’s general health.
It’s quite common to see failures of the endodontic treatments, but the patients come back to the dental office only after they become symptomatic. If the endodontic treatment fails there are 2 possibilities: endodontic retreatment or surgical one.
In general, the apicoectomy is being reserved for the situations where there the endodontic treatment cannot be done or was unsuccessful.
If after the apical resection the tooth is compromised, the only option available is tooth extraction followed by insertion of an immediate or late implant.
The failure of endodontic treatment can have a disabling effect on the patient.


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Dr. Mihnea Cafadaru
Dr. Mihnea Cafadaru