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Broken Instrument Removal Using Lasso Technique

Broken Instrument Removal Using Lasso Technique

Every clinician who has performed endodontics has experienced a variety of emotions ranging from the thrill-of-the-fill to an upset such as the procedural accident of breaking an instrument. During root canal preparation procedures, the potential for instrument breakage is always present.
Many clinicians associate “broken instruments” with separated files, but the term could also apply to a sectioned silverpoint, a segment of a Lentulo, a Gates Glidden drill, a portion of a carrier-based obturator, or any other dental material left inside a canal.
Today, separated instruments can usually be removed due to technological advancements in vision, ultrasonic instrumentation, microtube delivery methods, or a lasso technique. Specifically, the dental operating microscope allows clinicians to visualize most broken instruments, and fulfills the age-old adage, “If you can see it, you can probably do it.”


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