English language workshop
19 march, 9:00 - 13:00

The Hyflex CM & EDM Concept for Anatomy Driven Preparations of the Highly Curved and Double Curved Canal Systems

The Hyflex CM & EDM Concept for Anatomy Driven Preparations of the Highly Curved and Double Curved Canal Systems

The use of nickel-titanium engine driven endodontic instruments has expanded dramatically since the first attempts at manufacturing endodontic files from super elastic alloy.

Over the years, engine driven shaping of the root canal system became synonymous to  modern  root canal instrumentation.  New cross sectional instrument designs, variable tapers and crown down techniques were introduced and adopted very quickly. Recently reciprocation movement was introduced and challenged rotation in terms of efficiency, simplicity and safety.

In this era of  NiTi instrumentation blast, heat treated NiTi martensitic controlled memory files were introduced and became rapidly very popular.  Their flexibility,  fracture resistance and lack of  super elasticity  allowed for  adequate anatomically driven preparations even for the most challenging canal systems.

Now that everybody is moving towards martensitic flexible files with controlled  memory characteristics, a new generation of files has come to revolutionize instrumentation efficiency and safety.  The new electrical discharge machined (EDM) Hyflex  files  arrived to supplement the successful controlled memory series and reduce the number of files needed to prepare challenging root canal systems.

The aim of this workshop is to introduce you to the new EDM era of rotary instrumentation for the highly curved and the double curved canal systems.

              Workshop objectives:

At the end of this workshop the participant will manage to:

  • Understand the biological objectives of root canal treatment manipulation in relation to each anatomical challenge;
  • Understand and appreciate the controlled memory thermomechanical processing and electrical discharge machining for the manufacturing of rotary files;
  • Establish a roadmap for customized instrumentation protocols with the Hyflex CM & EDM rotary files even for the most challenging cases;
  • Practice the suggested shaping protocol in highly curved and doubled curved training blocks with 3 rotating instruments;
  • Achieve a three dimensional obturation of the prepared root canal system by using greater taper gutta-percha points in combination with Gutta-flow 2.

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09:00 - 13:00


Dr. Anthonis Chaniotis
Dr. Anthonis Chaniotis