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19 march, 9:00 - 13:00

WaveOne Gold & TruNatomy – the success of endodontic space preparation

WaveOne Gold & TruNatomy – the success of endodontic space preparation

In this course, a series of sequences will be explained and demonstrated Therapeutic designed to simplify endodontic treatment, so that it complex intervention to become accessible to any dentist. We will learn how to use the WaveOne Gold system as well as the new minimally invasive TruNatomy system – Dentsply Sirona in addressing various clinical cases, but also what to look for in
the timing of an endodontic treatment to successfully complete it.
In this workshop there will be 3 practical parts. In the first part we will prepare with the standard WaveOne Gold sequence an endodontic block (or tooth extracted with access made in advance by the participant) and we will close it with Guttacore and Ah +, using the Thermaprep oven 2.
In the next practical part we will open the previously blocked plastic block with WaveOne Gold and we will prepare a new endodontic block.
The last part of the hands-on is for the TruNatomy system. It will work with this system on a new endodontic block or extracted tooth.


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09:00 - 13:00


Dr. Alexandru Popescu
Dr. Alexandru Popescu